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February 19  @  6:00 pm
Learn Real Estate From 2 Locals
Investor Quarters
1945 17th St Sarasota, FL
February 15   @ 10:30 am
Learn Real Estate From 2 Locals
Investor Quarters
1945 17th St  Sarasota, FL
February 11  @  11:00 
Real Estate Wholesaling 
Investor Quarters
1945 17th St  Sarasota, Fl
February 4 @ 11:30 am
Marketing For Real Estate
Investor Quarters
1945 17th St  Sarasota, FL
January 27  @  2:00pm  Learn How To Rehab:
Rehab In Progress
4519 Hale St  Sarasota, FL
February 26  @ 6:00 pm
Wholesale Real Estate Beginners
Investor Quarters
1945 17th St  Sarasota, FL
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Here's What You Will Learn:
  • The Number 1 Thing You MUST Have In Your Real Estate Business to Guarantee Growth & Profits - and Why 90% of Investors Fail
  • ​Secrets to Buying Houses In Any Condition AND Making a Profit From Them
  • ​Why You Don’t Need ANY Experience to Make BIG Money In Real Estate
  • ​How to Instantly Flip a House In Just a Few Short Days Without Fixing Anything, or Using Any of Your Own Cash!
  • ​How to Locate Below-Market Properties at 50-60% of Market Value Even In Competitive Markets Like Sarasota, Bradenton, or Venice
  • ​And Much Much More...
Come Learn Our Successful Strategies to Flipping Houses Right Here In Sarasota & Bradenton By Local Investors 
309 Shore T Rd Nokomis, FL 
Contract Price $210k
Assign $15k To Investor
Current Projects - Be Sure To See Our Work LIVE In Action
2860 S Lockwood Meadows Ct, Sarasota, FL
Purchase Price $163k
Rehab $20k
-Michael Chant
-Manik Rehab
"Paul Provencher and his team did an outstanding job rehabbing my property, and I can’t speak highly enough about him. We stayed on budget, on schedule and he made the entire process stress free. Along with completing the work that was required Paul went above and beyond in showing me the tricks of the trade by explaining to me how to keep cost down, and work efficiently. This is information I will use throughout my career in real estate and clearly shows what type of leader Paul truly is. Needless to say I gained way more than a contractor and look forward to working with Paul on many projects in the future."

-Brandon Henderson
Marc Pelletz is proud to call the Sarasota area home and nearly all of his investments are nearby. To date, he owns over 200 rental properties and his property management company is responsible for over 600 properties in and around the Sarasota area.
Marc is also a seasoned investor, with over 1000 flips in his career and over $250 MILLION in deals closed. Today, though, Marc is as passionate about teaching and sharing the systems that he and Paul have perfected to create wealth and cashflow without the stress so many investors live with. In fact, his desire to share wisdom and knowledge so that others can learn and profit in today’s market is his biggest goal today. Whether its wholesaling properties, fixing them up to flip or creating passive income and financial freedom, Marc is able to show you the blueprint to get started now!
Marc Pelletz
It didn't take Paul Provencher long to realize that a "regular" job would never work for him and the life he wanted. He got his start in real estate as a young man, wholesaling vacant land and was able to see how exciting the real estate industry can be. Paul made the shift to wholesaling homes before the market crashed and, as investors everywhere recovered, Paul revitalized his efforts by starting an REO Preservation company.
At the same time, Paul began to concentrate his efforts on the rehab side of the business and has renovated more than 100 homes since then. That's far from his only business model, though! In the last 2 years alone, he has wholesaled over 150+ properties worth over $10 million. Today, Paul shares his love of real estate by teaching others his secrets and using the freedom real estate investment provides him and his family to travel and spend time together, all the while building generational wealth he can pass along to his children through cashflowing real estate properties. 
Paul Provencher
Dane Peterson
Graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing & Advertising.  A career in business finance moved Dane to Sarasota in 2011 
The desire to become a real estate investor & to help others achieve their homeownership goals, motivated Dane to start a full-time career in real estate. Since launching a Real Estate career Dane has been working with motivated sellers, wholesaling, building a rental portfolio, rehabbing properties and managed over 100 retail listings. 
Dane has managed to wear all these hats all while contributing his time and knowledge with others. Self-development through reading and a real estate mentor keeps Dane ahead of the game in his career.
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